Welcome to Broome from the Yawuru People - Original Custodians of our Broome lands and Seas


 Ngaji gurrjin manyja  ngarrungu nyamba buru yawuru-ngany nirlawal Rubibiyi ngarrungu gurrburllan banugabungany- gungabungany-  yalmbangubungany– gurlarrgabungany


The Yawuru (pronounced Ya-roo) people are the native title holders of Broome and surrounding areas.   As the custodians of our lands and seas, we welcome you to Broome. A welcoming of people onto country is culturally important to Yawuru people to sustain mabujunu liyan (good feeling) between our visitors and Yawuru people.  

Our country covers vast areas from Wirrginmirr (Willie Creek) in the north: south through Minyirr (Gantheaume Point) and east past Man-galagun (Crab Creek) to the end of Roebuck Plains and south to Warrwan (south of Cape Villaret). 

We trust that you will all have a great time and enjoy the physical environment and cultural richness of the Broome area. We wish all visitors a safe and welcoming stay in Yawuru country.

Warany-jarri liyan yargarrgi. In Yawuru this means to agree with one spirit, one feeling and one mind.   We believe once you have visited Broome, you will experience this spirit; this feeling and hold it always in your heart.


(goodbye; see you soon)!  


Candy Roberts