Yawuru Lands Six Seasons - Understand our Culture and Know our Country

Yawuru people live by six seasons. We read the changing signs in the wangal (winds), the wula (rainfall) and temperature, and the plants and animals, and notice how these come together.

The wattle flowers in Barrgana mean that the salmon and catfish are fat.

When the wattle seeds, the mullet lay their eggs, and when the seeds open up, the eggs have hatched.          

Mati Gilbert

We have cultural rules and responsibilities about how we use and look after the country, plants and animals. We have rules about when certain animals can be eaten and by whom, as well as responsibilities about not wasting what can be eaten.


The WET. Strong north-west winds.  wangal jarrangu (cyclones).   December – March



CHANGING season. Little wind or rain. Humidity drops. April – May



COOLING season. Strong south-east winds. No rain. May – June.



COLD season. Strong dry south-easterly winds. guju-guju (dust storms). June – August



WARMING-up season. Westerly winds start to blow. September – October



HOT time. Build up to wet season. Late September – November

Candy Roberts