Broome's Staircase to the Moon "Out of this world" as quoted on Trip Advisor

The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats in Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide, to create a beautiful optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. This spectacular sight occurs from March through to November.

Plan your stay and tours around the Staircase to the Moon dates which are below for your convenience.

Broome and Around run a Staircase to the Moon Tour, we pick up and collect from your accommodation and can take you to your choice of two locations to experience this phenomenon. The Mangrove Hotel for a sensational LIVE dramatic music and venue or the brand new Staircase to the Moon lookout at Town Beach, so that you can join nature and peruse the Staircase to the Moon Markets at Broome Town Beach.

We provide this return Bus Trip for only $15 per person from your accommodation. Spots are strictly limited and guests should book in advance to conveniently enjoy this unique and divine opportunity.

Broome and Around can also provide Welcome to Broome Tours, Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park & 12 Mile Bird Park and Petting Zoo Tours. We look forward to making a difference to your Boome holiday experience.

Plan your travel and tours around these 2019 Staircase to the Moon dates & times:


21st @ 6.28pm 22nd @ 7.13pm 23rd @ 7.58pm


20th @ 6.32pm 21st @ 7.18pm 22nd @ 8.06pm


19th @ 5.55pm 20th @ 6.44pm 21st @ 7.35pm


18th @ 6.17pm 19th @ 7.09pm 20th @ 8.01pm


17th @ 5.54pm 18th @ 6.46pm 19th @ 7.36pm


16th @ 6.21pm 17th @ 7.10pm 18th @ 7.58pm


15th @ 6.42pm 16th @ 7.30pm 17th @ 8.18pm


14th @ 6.15pm 15th @ 7.05pm 16th @ 7.56pm

We look forward to welcoming you to Broome!

Call Candy and Rod on 0419 018 800 to discuss your tour plans so that you can make the absolute most of your Bucket-list trip to Broome, The Kimberley, Australia.


Candy Roberts